Who is the Self Finish option for?

The self-finished option would best suit individuals or groups with an interest in boatbuilding who would like to have a unique classic rower and sailor without the potentially daunting commitment to constructing a wooden hull. An ideal winter or family project with the reward and satifiaction of completing then sailing your own craft. The clinker simulation GRP hulls we provide, give all the robust advantages associated with GRP. The self finish approach may also provide a confidence and skill boosting first step to those wanting to go on and build a completely wooden boat in the future. 

What is involved in the self-finish?

This very much depends on the level of finish you would want to achieve. Unlike other kit boats on the market you are starting with a complete hull. As a minimum, finishing the boat will require the fitting of gunwales, seats, tiller and breasthooks. The fitting of a keel band would also be essential. Depending on the self-finish option you choose, the fitting of buoyancy tanks and deck boards would be required on the basic self-finish model.

Skills required

To carry out the fitting out of your boat the carpentry skills would need to allow you to put in scarfing joints, glue and clamp wood, laminate wood, similar to other self build boats. Depending on the type of wood you use to finish the ability to steam bend wood may be required. To achieve a pleasing finish, the preparation of a wood surface for varnishing would also be a requisite skill. As the hull is GRP the ability to bond to and repair this material is a consideration.

Help and Support

The purchase of a Self Finish Largs Skiff comes with unlimited technical support via email or by phone. You will also receive a guide book and DVD with a suggested finishing method. 

We also offer training weekends several times a year where some of the required skills could be learnt or improved. These are free with the purchase of any of our self finish models. 


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