What is the EU Recreational craft category of the Largs Skiff?

Category D for use in sheltered waters up to and including force 4 (Beaufort scale) with a significant wave height up to and including 0.3 metres

Are there any original wooden Largs Skiffs still in use?

No, only the Self Finish Boats GRP versions and 1 oringal GRP version

Can the Largs Skiff be launched and recovered single handed?


Do the spars fit inside the hull?

Yes, however this is very much dependent how the buyer would choose to fit out their boat and rig it.

Is each hull numbered?

Any custom built Largs Skiff would be considered a finished craft and therefore have a unique Craft Identification Number (CIN). The Self Finish options we sell are considered incomplete and therefore cannot be issued with a CIN. The Self Finish options will however be issued with a certificate of conformity to the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD).

Can an outboard be fitted? What size of outboard would be recommended?

This would depend on the skill level of the buyer / person finishing the boat. It is possible to make a bracket to fit on traditional double ended boats. 

Does the Largs Skiff have a dagger board / retractable keel?

Not as standard. Historically the Largs Skiff was rowed up wind and sailed down wind. However, on the order form a buyer can request this an optional extra.

Does the Largs Skiff have built in Buoyancy?

This depends on the option chosen by the buyer. We offer a basic model which is just a bare hull which would require the fitting of inbuilt buoyancy. The other Self Finish option comes with built in buoyancy. Any custom built fully complete option would include built in buoyancy.  

Is there a finishing kit?

We sell a wood finishing kits. These consist of the wood required to fit gunwales and thwarts. These require cutting to a final size and sanding. The gunwale pieces come with pre-cut scarf joints. Please see product page for more details.